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Marco Grassi invites you along on this incredible 6-day Dolomites Autumn Tour. You’ll get to visit the most spectacular sights – such as the Drei Zinnen, Alpe di Siusi, Langkofel, Lago Imdes, the St. Johann Church, the Odle Mountains, Cinque Torri, and many more. You’ll rest in luxurious hotels and apartments after long days of shooting and enjoy personal processing masterclasses along the way.

Tour Length

6 Days


Oct 18-23/ 23-28

Activity Level




Group Size

Max. 10

Single Room


Marco Grassi (28) from Italy has guided over 50 tours worldwide. He is considered as one of the big names among today’s Landscape photographers. With his combination of unique compositions and dramatic processing he has won several awards and made publications in National Geographic, the BBC, CNN and many more leading companies. Besides being a world-class landscape photographer, he is also a world class photography guide.


Covid-19 Notice: We have updated our cancellation policy to ensure your booking will not be affected by Covid-19 at any time. READ MORE


Locations for all weather conditions

Locations for all weather conditions

There is often at least one overcasted day in the Dolomites during a tour - which is exactly what we need for this location!

The St. Johann Church

The St. Johann Church

The St. Johann Church is a well known attraction in the Dolomites and we know some incredible spots to shoot it from!

Unique Night Photography

Unique Night Photography

We know better than anyone how to capture the night sky in the Dolomites - there is always an option to stay in the hotel or to head out for adventure!


Day 1

After you’ve been picked up from Venice Marco Polo airport, we’ll begin the trip to the Dolomites. The Alps will be in full view, offering captivating sights along the way. After a 2.5 hour drive, we’ll arrive at our first apartment. This will be next to one of the most amazing mountains in the world, the Drei Zinnen (German) / Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Italian). After check in, we’ll drive all the way up to the parking just underneath the Drei Zinnen. From here we will hike on a very well maintained hiking trail towards our first photo spots.

We’ll stay here for sunset, and after dinner, you’ll get to choose between a night shooting session or going back to the apartment to rest.

Images Day 1

Day 2

At sunrise, we’ll be at Lago di Braies, a stunning green mountain lake surrounded by vertical mountain walls and yellow colored larches. After this, we’ll go back to the apartment for breakfast. We will continue to the small mountain lake Lago Limides. Which offers some of the most pristine autumn photos in the Dolomites, and there are also other secret photo locations nearby to explore.

Images Day 2

Day 3

The impressive Cinque Torri mountain will be shot for sunrise. After lunch, we’ll drive to the village of San Martino di Castrozza, which is along a small, unknown mountain road offering some of the most jaw dropping forest scenery you’ll find in the Dolomites.

The mountain walls around San Martino di Castrozza are nothing short of spectacular. We’ll stay in the valley for sunset and return at sunrise. In the apartment, we’ll enjoy more personal processing videos.

Images Day 3

Day 4

After check-out, we continue the journey to our apartment in Ortisei. After finishing lunch in one of our favorite Italian restaurants, we’ll drive to another secret gem, which will offer incredible photographic opportunities when the sun rises above the jagged peaks of the Langkofel mountains.

Back at our apartment, we’ll spend more time on mastering some unique processing techniques. Marco will process 1 photo for each guest and make a record of it. During sunset, we’ll go to a secret location with a fantastic view over the surrounding mountains. Even when the conditions are foggy, the views are breathtaking.

During sunrise, we’ll go to the plateau of Alpe di Siusi/ Seiser Alm, which is the largest high-altitude alpine meadow in Europe. It is also one of the best sunrise locations in the Alps, offering a captivating sight when the sun begins to rise above the 3180 meter high Langkofel range.

Images Day 4

Day 5 and 6

The morning often offers cloudy conditions around the higher mountains, affording amazing photographic opportunities for us.

After sunrise, we continue towards the village of Santa Magdalena, where the famous St. Johann Church is nestled with the Odle mountains rising 3,000 meters behind it. Here, we’ll demonstrate different compositions, and during the evening, there will be more processing instructions.

After our breakfast, we’ll head back to Venice. Along the drive back, we’ll stop at a beautiful high alpine lake offering great photographic locations, and we’ll quite possibly catch the early sunrise colors. Later in the day, we’ll all say goodbye around 11:30am at Marco Polo Venice airport.

Images Day 5 and 6


In 3 to 4 star hotels

In 3 to 4 star hotels


Marco Grassi and Jessica Lancia. Our guides know the area better than anyone and have a big drive to teach the group in a fun yet ambitious way. Your success and satisfaction is their success and satisfaction. The more you are willing to learn, the more we encourage you to ask questions at all times.


Depending on the group size, we will use one or two, 9-seater vans to ensure plenty of space for everyone.


All of Max Rive’s highly esteemed processing videos and presets will be shared before/after the tour. In these videos he will demonstrate his unique and award-winning style of processing in depth. Total value is around 550 USD.


The guides will demonstrate the latest processing techniques on a laptop connected to the available tv or monitor in the hotel. A photo from one of the participants or from the guide himself will be used. All sessions will be recorded and shared among the group so everyone can watch the classes back once at home.


Travel Insurance is required and has to be arranged at some point before the tour start. You will have to arrange your flights to and from Venice Marco Polo airport.


We will visit the best local restaurants for lunch and dinner. In between we will stop at supermarkets and small grocery stores to allow everyone to get some snacks and drinks if desired.


These videos are not included because these videos can be considered as a workshop on its own.


Enjoy delicious Italian breakfasts

watch video
watch video
watch video
watch video

For more information not covered on this page we recommend reading the information brochure PDF. CLICK HERE to receive your copy.

You will get all tour PDF’s by email when joining our exclusive tour list (CLICK HERE)

Both tours take place during the peak of fall/autumn in the Dolomites which means both tours can expect to have the best fall colors.

We recommend bringing a wide angle (zoom) and a tele-zoom lens. The 20 to 200mm range is essential – while 15 – 20mm and 200 – 300mm is recommended.

During the hiking part we recommend to bring only 2 lenses in order to keep the weight down to a minimum.

Yes, but only outside the National Parks. There are some drone spots, but the Dolomites are still best captured with a normal camera.

The Dolomites Autumn Tour is easy, with the longest hike being a 40-minute trek to Drei Zinnen. Along this hike, people will be able to stop to shoot the views around them. Depending on the total fitness level of the group, some smaller hikes from the departure point of each morning/evening are optional.

No, the guides will connect their own laptop to the projector in the hotel.

The weather in the Dolomites varies each year. Temps can be mild with 10+ degrees Celsius during the day but it is also possible that the temperatures will just reach above freezing. At the beginning of the tour, we’ll inform you about the expected weather so that you can be prepared with the best gear for the trip.

No, we have photographers from all experience levels participating. Whether you ask how to shoot in manual mode, how to take a panorama or how to master the handheld focus stack technique – the guide will always be happy to help and adopt his teaching to each skill level.

Your Guide

Marco Grassi (28) from Italy has guided over 50 tours worldwide. He is considered as one of the big names among today’s Landscape photographers. With his combination of unique compositions and dramatic processing he has won several awards and made publications in National Geographic, the BBC, CNN and many more leading companies. Besides being a world-class landscape photographer, he is also a world class photography guide.


COVID-19 NOTICE:  If a participant has to cancel at any time prior to the tour caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions, flight cancellations or anything else related to COVID-19, a full refund will be given. We strongly recommend to wait with booking your flights or only book flexible/refundable tickets. More COVID-19 information has been added to the registration form. 

Unlike most other tour companies - our refund policy is NOT aimed to make money from any cancellation. It rarely happens that we can't refund the full amount. In case you want to cancel you will be fully refunded minus a 150 euro service fee - unless the tour was fully booked at the time of your cancellation AND we will not be able to find a replacement. Please find our full refund and cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

The tour is always dependent on weather conditions. That being said, there are plenty of other options in case plan A fails. Plan B could very well turn out to be even better.