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Step 1: Import the Preset Pack

Step 1: Import the Preset Pack

This will show you 7 categories with presets to choose from. 

Step 2: Select a ''normal'' preset.

Step 2: Select a ''normal'' preset.

In this image ''Autumn Days'' has been selected. A nice result but there are better options for a photo taken in Summer.

Step 3: Select the most fitting

Step 3: Select the most fitting

''Summer daytime II'' fits better.

Step 4: Combine with a light preset

Step 4: Combine with a light preset

''Spotlight Top'' has been selected for more dramatic light.  

Presets (336 combinations)


Autumn Days

Autumn Days II

Color Booster

Colorful Sunset

Colorful Sunset II

Colorful Sunset III

Desert Yellow

Dramatic Sky Horizontal

Dramatic Sky Vertical

Frozen Landscapes

Mist Overload

Misty Mountains


Spring Days

Summer Brightness

Summer Days

Summer Daytime

Summer Daytime II

Winter Darkness

Winter Days

Winter Days II


IG Summer Mood

Mood of Moods

Moody Days Greenish

Moody Days Greenish II

Orange & Teal

The IG Story Mood

6 Spotlights - both horizontal and vertical

6 Light From the Side - both horizontal and vertical

Presets Used on Images
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