COVID-19 NOTICE:  If a participant has to cancel at any time prior to the tour caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions, flight cancellations or anything else related to COVID-19, a full refund will be given. We strongly recommend to wait with booking your flights or only book flexible/refundable tickets. More COVID-19 information has been added to the registration form. 

Unlike most other tour companies - our refund policy is NOT aimed to make money from any cancellation. It rarely happens that we can't refund the full amount. In case you want to cancel you will be fully refunded minus a 150 euro service fee - unless the tour was fully booked at the time of your cancellation AND we will not be able to find a replacement. Please find our full refund and cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

The tour is always dependent on weather conditions. That being said, there are plenty of other options in case plan A fails. Plan B could very well turn out to be even better.