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What should I pack when I join one of your Photo Tours?

We have a detailed kitlist for each hiking based tour which you will get upon registration (CLICK HERE if you want to secure a spot today) We also have general recommendations for all tours included in the tour PDF. You will get all tour PDF’s by email when joining our exclusive tour list (CLICK HERE)

Where can I get the tour information brochures (PDF)?

You will get all tour PDF’s by email when joining our exclusive tour list (CLICK HERE)

What luggage do I have to bring on a photo tour?

Transport: If you join of our hiking-based tours use a big hiking backpack as checked luggage – for our other tours you can bring either a backpack or suitcase. We strongly recommend putting all camera gear into your daypack during the flight – camera gear is easy to recognize, and it does happen from time to time they get either stolen or the whole back get lost. Make sure your gear is protected as well. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a hard case but be creative with jackets and clothes.

During the Tours: For non-hiking-based tours you can use your camera bag or any other bag you normally use when out shooting. For our hiking-based tours, we recommend a good quality backpack in which you store both your hiking and camera gear. We don’t recommend hiking backpacks which also have space for your camera gear because they often have a low-quality carrying system – which results in discomfort around the shoulders, neck and hips on longer hikes.

There will be a secured place to store your non-hiking luggage such as spare clothes, a laptop or a suitcase. During the Peru Tour we will have Porters who will carry all our Hiking gear and will also offer you to carry non-used camera gear if desired. During Patagonia our Porters will carry some of the hiking gear with the option to let them carry more for an additional fee.

I have an allergy/dietary restriction – will that be a problem?

Not at all – you will be able to provide us with your allergy/dietary restriction upon registration.

Do I need to be a pro photographer to fully enjoy a photo tour?

No, we have photographers from all experience levels participating. Whether you ask how to shoot in manual mode, how to take a panorama or how to master the handheld focus stack technique – the guide will always be happy to help and adopt his teaching to each skill level.

What lenses shall I bring on a tour?

We recommend bringing a wide angle (zoom) and a tele-zoom lens. The 20 to 200mm range is essential – while 15 – 20mm and 200 – 300mm is recommended.

During the hiking part we recommend to bring only 2 lenses in order to keep the weight down to a minimum.

Is travel insurance included in the photo tour / workshop prices?

No. Participants are required to purchase international medical and travel insurance coverage.

Process Information

Does the instructor use layer masks?

No, he doesn’t use layer masks but is using a technique with the Clone Stamp tool which has similar results. For those using layer masks the techniques demonstrated in the videos can easily be used with layer masks.

Which software do I need in order to follow the courses?

Adobe Photoshop + Camera Raw

Which media player can I use best?

Most media players will work – though we recommend using VLC Media Player.

How and when do I receive my videos?

Directly after the completion of your payment you will receive a download link to the videos by email. You will have a certain number of download attempts and a time limit to download the files. You will receive a new download link at any time when you request a new one.

How big are the file sizes?

They are between 1 and 5 gb in size.

I use the layer mask technique and I heard Max Rive doesn’t – can I still learn from the Videos?

It is correct that Max Rive is not using the layer mask technique. However, it is very easy to still follow his courses and apply the techniques demonstrated in your layer mask workflow.

Does the videos come with the original RAW file?

Yes – Max Rive is one of the few landscape photographers who shares the RAW file.




Photo Contest



When will the Photo Contest open?

In December of this year


There is work from Max Rive I really like but which isn’t listed in the printshop

You can contact us with your request, and we will see what we can do

I have ordered landscape prints before from other photographers, but they were too dark!

The dynamic range of the digital files on Frame the Land have been increased for better print results. Having said that, we recommend placing dark prints (e.g. ‘’Dark Autumn’’) in a room with enough light.

What is an Acrylite front protector?

You can compare it with glass – but then much lighter and stronger. All our premium-framed posters will come with an Acrylite front protector.

When will my order be shipped?

We have an average handling time of 1 (posters), 2 (canvas) and 3 (framed canvas) business days.

Will your prints come with mounting hardware?


On what paper will your posters be printed?

Our posters will be printed on enhanced giclée matte papers. This museum-quality paper guarantees the highest color accuracy and quality. With its lifetime durability it will ensure the artwork can be enjoyed for generations to come.

From what material are the poster’s frames?

All posters from Frame the Land come with a beautiful Alder, semi-hardwood frame. This wood is relatively soft and is one of the lightest of all the hardwoods.

Is your canvas material of a high standard?

Yes – of the highest standard. They are textured and fade-resistant (OBA-Free). It’s durable poly-cotton base is acid-free, PH neutral, 1.5" deep, 20.5 mil thick, and 470 g/m²