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Ultimate summer mountain photography

Come join Max Rive during his 8 day Dolomites Summer Tour. During this tour we will visit the most amazing locations of the Dolomites: the Drei Zinnen, Seceda, Alpi di Siusi, Langkofel,Lago Limides, Cenque Torri, Passo Giau, Passo Gardena, Passo Rolle and last but not least, some places rarely been shot before!!!!

We will stay in luxurious apartments to rest from the long and extensive days and
nights of shooting. Upon registration you will receive all of Max’s editing courses and presets.

Tour Length

8 Days


Jul-27 - Aug-03

Activity Level

Easy to Medium

Group Size

Max. 10



The Secret Valley

The Secret Valley

One of the best... in the world!!!

New comps...the best!!

New comps...the best!!

Many different new cops will be presented.

Night Photography

Night Photography

Let me show you the wonders of the night sky in the Dolomites!



Incredible fields of wildflowers.

Best Foregrounds

Best Foregrounds

High Water Levels

High Water Levels

Only in summer

Passo Giau

Passo Giau

Tre Cime

Tre Cime

Lago Limides

Lago Limides

Passo Rolle

Passo Rolle



We will meet at the arrival hall in Venice Airport at no later than 11 am. After saying hi to each other it is time to set course to the high pointy objects we are going to concentrating on: the mighty Dolomites! We will check into our hotel after a 2 hour drive – followed by a lunch. Don’t hesitate to take a good Italian meal, because we are going to make ourselves ready for a long shooting! We will start with the Gardena pass (Passo Gardena). There are some incredible hidden gems in thisarea I would love to show everyone. This area is also very well suited for exploring. Feel free to let me show you the various options this area has to offer, explore on your own or anywhere in between. We will not only concentrate on shooting the sunset – but also on a night shoot. Find your composition for the night – the milky way will be lining up perfectly on this spot! After sunset we will have dinner – followed by our night shooting. You can also choose to rest in the hotel after dinner. The night shooting will only last fora good hour to an hour and a half. This is because we already did the exploring before, and we will need some rest for the following morning. I will be assisting at any time with light painting for everyone who desires this technique.

Images DAY 1


We will wake up early for our next shooting – which will be the mighty Lago Imides. Even though the night sleep was short – we will catch up our needed rest after this sunrise shoot during daytime! This lake requires a short hike from the parking. Along the way there are already good shooting options with our tele zoom lens! The lake itself has plenty of different compositional options. We will be shooting and exploring for a good time here. After this shooting we will head back to the hotel where we will have breakfast and a well-deserved nap and rest.
After Lunch we will head back again to Lago Imides. The number of possibilities here will offer you many compositions and the sunset light will also offer many new perspectives and moods.
After dinner the group can choose to stay and rest in the hotel – or for the diehard photographers, they can join me for a night shoot at Lago Imides!

Images DAY 2


On the morning of the third
day we will shoot from one of my favorite spots: Passo Giau! There are
different compositions possible. There is a lake nearby (which I will show you)
and there are also flowers not far underneath the mountain. The latter has to
be my favorite option. This also requires a focus stack of 3 photos or more, of
which I’m happy to demonstrate and assist each person who desires so. This
location doesn’t require any hiking, though there is plenty to explore around.
There are also tele-zoom options from this location.  

For Sunset we will go back
to Passo Gardena. Even though we already shot it before, this area offers so
many options in both directions. There is even a small (and until this workshop
hidden) stream which can be used.

Images DAY 3


On this day we will start with Alpe Di Siusi for our morning shoot. This location has been shot many times by many photographers – but after laying your eyes on the view for the first time you will understand why. I’m happy to be able to show you different unique compositions – as well as the classical composition with the barns on the foreground.
During midday (again, after breakfast and lunch) we will head to the cable car that brings us to Seceda. With some afternoon clouds this location can be truly spectacular. After this shooting we will move towards the St. Johann Church. This locations is incredible during the fall season because of the different colors in the forest above. In summer it is all dark green and therefore not comparable. Still, we will shoot it from 2 different angles.
After our church shooting we will continue our panoramic drive to hour sunset locations. This place offers some incredible foreground in combination with a majestic mountain in the background. There are also some flowers around. It really depends on the amount of sun how healthy they are. This location will also be shot during the night (around 11 pm) for anyone who is interesting in joining the die-hards!

Images DAY 4


In the morning we will shoot
the classical composition at cinque torri with yellow flowers on the
foreground. Nothing original here – but it’s nice to have it in our portfolio.  

For sunset we will go to the
Drei zinnen/ Tre Cime area. One of the most spectacular areas in the Dolomites.
After parking our vans at the high parking – we will have to hike to our
shooting area. From here the group has the option to shoot from different
locations. The assistant guide will stay with the group that wants to shoot
from the first angle. I will go further and show some other compositions. There
is a hidden lake, a cave and in case of previous heavy rainfall, even some

Images DAY 5


We will shoot the spectacular Rolle Pass (Passo Rolle) for sunrise. There is a big field of flowers nearby and there are also some nice compositions possible from a bit higher. Lastly there is the more classical option, which is the lake underneath. We will visit all locations, though the compositions from higher requires a bit of hiking so the group will be divided.

Images DAY 6


For sunset on day 6 and on day 7 we will shoot an area which I have fallen in love with. It is still relatively unknown, but offers some of the most majestic mountains of the Dolomites. There are a couple of very strong compositions possible – both for sunrise and sunset. There are 2 valleys nearby and we will shoot both for sunrise and sunset on day 6 and day 7, ensuring we will get the most out of this incredible area.

Images DAY 7


On day 8 we are going to make ourselves ready for one of the most fairly tale like valleys of the Dolomites. A fairy Tale like valley surrounded by majestic mountains in this case. We have to hike for a good hour to reach this valley, but we will take plenty of time to reach it. Once in the valley we have shooting possibilities everywhere. From a forest view frame, a river, flowers and also the milky way. We will stay here till after sunset. We will offer the group the option to go down after sunset and skip the milky way/ night shooting. We will split the group with the assistant guide going down, and me staying in the valley.

Images DAY 8


We will wake up early and arrange 2 different departure times with each van, to ensure everyone will be on-time at Venice Airport to make their flight back home.

Images DAY 9



In 3 to 4 star hotels

Professional photo Guides

Max Rive and assistant guide.


Depending on the group size, we will use one or two, 9-seater vans to ensure plenty of space for everyone.

All processing videos and presets from Max Rive.

All of Max Rive’s highly esteemed processing videos and presets will be shared before/after the tour. In these videos he will demonstrate his unique and award-winning style of processing in depth. Total value is around 550 USD.

Travel insurance and flights

Travel Insurance is required and has to be arranged at some point before the tour start. You will have to arrange your flights to and from Venice Marco Polo airport.

Food: Lunch, dinner, snacks, alcoholic drinks

We will visit the best local restaurants for lunch and dinner. In between we will stop at supermarkets and small grocery stores to allow everyone to get some snacks and drinks if desired.


Will it not be too busy in the Dolomites during summer?

Although the Dolomites have many visitors in summer - we will barely see any other people and photographers during the time we are out shooting. When we leave after our sunrise shoot to go back to our hotels the tourists will do the opposite by just leaving the hotel to go on a hike when the sun is already long up. The same goes for the sunset shoot but then the other way around. During daytime, we catch up on sleep, go for a post processing session, lunch and on the way to our sunset shoot we visit other places for a quick shoot.

Where can I get the tour information brochures (PDF)?

You will get all tour PDF’s by email when joining our exclusive tour list (CLICK HERE)

What lenses shall I bring to the Dolomites ?

We recommend bringing a wide angle, normal (40-58) and tele-zoom lens to the Dolomites. The normal and tele-zoom lens are the most essential.

How long are the hikes?

The Dolomites Summer Tour is easy, with the longest hike being a 40-minute trek to Drei Zinnen. Along this hike, people will be able to stop to shoot the views around them. Depending on the total fitness level of the group, some smaller hikes from the departure point of each morning/evening are optional.

Can I bring my drone?

Yes, but only outside the National Parks. There are some drone spots, but the Dolomites are still best captured with a normal camera.

What will the weather be like?

The weather during summer in the Dolomites varies each year. Temps can be mild with 20+ degrees Celsius during the day but it is also possible that the temperatures will just reach 10 degrees. At the beginning of the tour, we’ll inform you about the expected weather so that you can be prepared with the best gear for the trip.

Is there a required experience level?

No, we have photographers from all experience levels participating. Whether you ask how to shoot in manual mode, how to take a panorama or how to master the handheld focus stack technique – the guide will always be happy to help and adopt his teaching to each skill level.

Will my allergy/diet be a problem?

Not at all – you will be able to provide us with your allergy/dietary restriction upon registration.

Can my non-photographer partner join for a discount?

Unfortunately, we don’t have different prices for non-participating clients.

The deposit of 1500,- euro (a 1000,- euro for Cappadocia and Saudi Arabia) can be transferred to a different tour. A refund will be given if 1. A replacement has been found and 2. If the tour is fully booked.

Refund Policy regarding the full payment
(which is required 90 days before the tour start):
 • More than 60 days prior to the start date: 70%refund
• 45 days prior to the start date: 35% refund
• 30 days prior to the start date: 15% refund
• Less than 30 days: no refund.

When a replacement has been found a refund will be given. Any discount offered to that replacement will be deducted from the refund amount. The received amount will be refunded - transaction costs and currency differences might lower this amount.

Refunds will be paid by the same method as the original payment was made. Refunds will be initiated within 72 hours after the approved request. Please find our full refund and cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions here.