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Don’t miss this otherworldly Patagonia tour in South America next fall with world class photographer Marco Grassi!

This will be an exciting 10-day adventure tour taking you to some of the best photography areas on our planet. Come see hidden and magical forest, secret lakes and viewpoints atop a mountain not shot before by other photographers. Over 200 days of exploring by Marco Grassi and Max Rive resulted in this unmatched itinerary.

Tour Length

10 Days


April '22

Activity Level

Med - Hard


Hotels + Tents

Group Size

Max 10

Single Room


Marco Grassi (28) from Italy has guided over 50 tours worldwide. He is considered as one of the big names among today’s Landscape photographers. With his combination of unique compositions and dramatic processing he has won several awards and made publications in National Geographic, the BBC, CNN and many more leading companies. Besides being a world-class landscape photographer, he is also a world class photography guide.


Covid-19 Notice: We have updated our cancellation policy to ensure your booking will not be affected by Covid-19 at any time. READ MORE


Cerro Torre

Cerro Torre

Another Patagonian Giant and mountain everyone should see at least once in their lives is Cerro Torre. We will shoot it from the best photo spots and will ensure to be there at the right time. 

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

Enjoy the most spectacular sunrises in Torres del Paine - only visiting the best spots. 

Monte Fitz Roy

Monte Fitz Roy

The most beautiful mountain in the world - will be shot in all it's glory from the best locations. 


Day 1

Our first day will begin with us meeting at El Calafate airport. Then, we’ll drive to El Chalten, stopping along the way to take in spectacular views on Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. After we arrive in the village, we’ll leave our non-hiking gear in our apartment. We’ll meet with our porters and park guide, and after the mountain hike, we’ll set up our tents and shoot the lake which is just next to our campsite with the mighty Monte Fitz Roy towering above it.

Images Day 1

Day 2

It feels good to be alive as a landscape photographer, especially when waking up for a sunrise shoot when Monte Fitz Roy is waiting for us, reliable as always, on the exact same spot to catch that first morning light. The most amazing mountain also deserves an amazing foreground, so we hike to a nearby secret waterfall only we have access to thanks to our connection with the park services.  

Images Day 2


During this day we’ll get some more fantastic shots below Fitz Roy. In the morning we’ll hike up the mountain to a stunning mountain lake with Monte Fitz Roy towering above it. You won’t see many sights like this anywhere else in the world and you have to make sure to also take photos instead of just standing there in awe enjoying this wonder!

We’ll remain here for a while, exploring and shooting the many wonders this area beholds with Marco proofing again why he is one of the best in terms of location knowledge – suggesting some incredible spots and composition ideas around this lake. Our team will also ensure that you have plenty of snacks for energy, including breakfast after the shoot.

Images Day3

Day 4 and 5

After we shoot Fitz Roy, we’ll move on to our base camp next to Lago Torre with the other Patagonian giant waiting for us… Cerro Torre. Here, we’ll shoot this 8000 feet/    giant granite spike in combination with the icy glacier river and lake, the surrounding magical Patagonian forests and much more hidden gems.. In order to get here we first have to hike along a fairly easy trail. This will be our longest hike of the tour - but the great views will make us forget about the time and distance easily.

This area is also great for scouting, and anyone who wants to get some insight from the guides can get some incredible location suggestions. This area allows to both explore on your own and to join the guides for getting to some secret locations.

Then, on day 5, we’ll hike back to El Chalten where we’ll stay in a hotel. Here, we’ll enjoy great food, a warm bed, processing sessions, and a sunset and sunrise shoot without any hiking.

Images Day 4 and 5

Day 6

On this day, we’ll drive towards Torres de Paine in Chile. This drive will last for about 6 hours, including border crossing and a few breaks, but there are stunning views to behold along the way. At the end of the journey, we’ll reach our fabulous hotel and go for a sunset shoot.

Images Day 6

Day 7 and 8

In Torres de Paine, we’ll get to see some of the most lush and beautiful mountain landscapes in the world. On top of that, the weather conditions are unique creating often dramatic sunrises. This is because the high vertical mountains are catching the clouds while on the flat east there is room for the sun to rise and to illuminate the mountains and clouds.  We’ll do some small hikes from the car with just our camera gear to reach the best locations in the park. Besides the best photo spots - our guides also know where we will have the greatest change of seeing  guanacos (Lama guanicoe). When back at the hotel, you can enjoy more processing instructions.

Images Day 7 and 8

Day 9 and 10

On the morning of our ninth day, we’ll do another sunrise shoot in Torres de Paine. Across the day, we’ll leave for El Calafate to shoot the wonderful Perito Moreno glacier. On this night, we’ll stay in a hotel and enjoy more processing instructions. On the tenth day, we will go to the glacier if weather permits and if the day before was good. This will be our last day, and our hotel is close to the airport. Drop offs will be arranged.

Images Day 9 and 10


Marco Grassi from Italy

Marco Grassi from Italy


3 to 4 star hotels


Both in Argentina and TDP (Chile) we will be supported by NP Guides


For breakfast: Milk with cornflakes, muesli or Oatmeal and raisins, nuts or sugar. There is bread, toast and crackers with butter, jam, honey, meat, cheese, etc. and coffee and tea. For lunch we have sandwiches or a warm meal such as noodles or soup. For dinner we have Pasta's, risotto rise, noodles and vegetables. In between there are snacks such as nuts, raisins, granola bars, chocolate bars, chocolate etc. We have specific meals for any vegetarians, vegans and other specific dietary and allergy restrictions.


Depending on the group size we will use one or two 9-seater vans to ensure a comfortable ride with plenty of space.


Max Rive's in the field tutorials are not included


The guides will demonstrate the latest processing techniques on a laptop connected to the available tv or monitor in the hotel. A photo from one of the participants or from the guide himself will be used. All sessions will be recorded and shared among the group so everyone can watch the classes back once at home.


Start in El Calafate Airport


Obtaining travel insurance prot to the tour start is mandatory


In case you want to order alcoholic drinks or extra snacks and food it will be at your own expense

watch video
watch video
watch video

For more information not covered on this page we recommend reading the information brochure PDF. CLICK HERE to receive your copy.

You will get all tour PDF’s by email when joining our exclusive tour list (CLICK HERE)

We recommend to bring a wide angle (zoom) and a tele-zoom. During the hiking part we recommend to bing only 2 lenses in order to keep the weight down to a minimum.

We have a secured room in which we can leave luggage we don't need during the hike. Such as laptops, extra clothes, lenses, food etc.

Expect temperatures between 5 C / 41 F and 12 C / 54 F. It can be very windy in both parks with rain and even snowfall.

The autumn colors are at its peak between April 2nd and April 25th. This is an average because each year the Autumn starts and finishes at a different time.

Yes, we will certainly see many Guanacos. We have a good chance to see Condors and a small change to see Pumas (very scared for humans and in South America not dangerous). If we are very lucky we will also see huemul deer.

We provide single person tents. Sleeping bags and mats can be rented at the start with the porter services. You need to bring your own backpack, shoes and other clothes and smaller items. A detailed pack list will be provided upon registration.

We recommend reading the information brochure PDF. You will get all tour PDF’s by email when joining our exclusive tour list (CLICK HERE)

Your Guide

Marco Grassi (28) from Italy has guided over 50 tours worldwide. He is considered as one of the big names among today’s Landscape photographers. With his combination of unique compositions and dramatic processing he has won several awards and made publications in National Geographic, the BBC, CNN and many more leading companies. Besides being a world-class landscape photographer, he is also a world class photography guide.


COVID-19 NOTICE:  If a participant has to cancel at any time prior to the tour caused by COVID-19 travel restrictions, flight cancellations or anything else related to COVID-19, a full refund will be given. We strongly recommend to wait with booking your flights or only book flexible/refundable tickets. More COVID-19 information has been added to the registration form. 

Unlike most other tour companies - our refund policy is NOT aimed to make money from any cancellation. It rarely happens that we can't refund the full amount. In case you want to cancel you will be fully refunded minus a 150 euro service fee - unless the tour was fully booked at the time of your cancellation AND we will not be able to find a replacement. Please find our full refund and cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

The tour is always dependent on weather conditions. That being said, there are plenty of other options in case plan A fails. Plan B could very well turn out to be even better.